Pit Bull Spot Light: Lucy

smiling-dog-stray-pit-bullA little over a year ago, my husband’s grandpa found Lucy sitting on a street corner. After checking for a chip and attempting to find an owner with no luck, grandpa got him fixed and my husband and I agreed to take him in.
I was disappointed at first, there was no instant connection, and our other dog is a huge daddy’s girl. I definitely wanted that bond with him and was worried it wouldn’t be there;

Until our first weekend together, when a just fixed, stressed out 4 month old Lucy got sick and I really had to play mommy. I was up for two nights in a row taking care of him and cleaning up after him. After that it was like he knew he was home and I was going to take care of him for the rest of his life.

A month later, I went through some medical issues and became extremely stressed and having him to focus on helped me push through and really bonded us. It hasn’t always been easy…I’m pretty sure whoever had him before wasn’t very nice to him and we had to learn together the rights and wrongs.
The most fun has been learning the things he loves. Like playing with the water in the bathtub, plastic bottles, and he’s a soccer puppy, loves basketball sized balls, and “kicking” it around the yard.